Doordeck Box

Is your door not connected to your access control network?
Parking garage not connected to the internet?
We can solve your connection woes with the Doordeck Box, enabling you to supercharge any lock with Doordeck.

Doordeck Box

If your door, storage locker or parking garage Gates or Bollards are not connected, we have created the Doordeck Box, it has the ability to connect to any electronic lock.

The box is 20cm X 20cm X 10cm. It comes with it’s own internet supply and door controller.
All you need to do is connect one wire to the power, and the other to the magnetic lock above the door.
The door will then be connected and work like any other Doordeck lock.

How it works

Fewer Touches

Improve the safety of your building by reducing the amount of contact your occupants have with frequently touched surfaces.

Remote Permissioning

Provide temporary or permanent access credentials to users directly on their smartphone with no in-person setup required.

Ready for Deployment

We can get your Zero Touch Entry system online now so it’s ready for when your occupants & guests come back to work.

See All Features

Ready to go?

From one door to a thousand, we've got a plan designed perfectly for you.
Get all of the features from as little as £20 per door per month.

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