Access control
finally made smart

Smarter. Simpler. Better.

Doordeck is access control designed for the future.

As quick as a card. And a whole lot smarter.

Just like a traditional access pass, your users can now open doors with just a tap of their phone against our bespoke Tiles — just like you'd use Apple Pay or Android Pay right now. We can even design your Tiles with your own branding and colour scheme.

Share keys on the fly.
Get more time for the important stuff.

Running down to Reception to print someone a card sucks - and can get expensive. So, if you're an admin, we built Doordeck so you can share a key in moments, right from the app - all we need is your guest's email address.

Manage with Ease

Overseeing and managing your space becomes much more functional, easy to use and user-friendly, thanks to the Doordeck Cloud Platform. Get at-a-glance stats on your space, plus activate extra features and restrictions all from one place, in just moments.

Why our users love Doordeck…

Instant onboarding

Forget running to reception or scrambling to find a new keycard. With Doordeck, all you need is an an email address, and we'll help your guest take care of the rest.

Visitor Passes

Whether you’re throwing an event or expecting a mechanic, don’t worry about lanyards — issue time-limited Visitor Passes directly from the Doordeck app.

Standalone or Integrated

Get our standalone door controllers or integrate Doordeck directly with your existing access products without needing new hardware - the first offering of its kind.

Open Hours

With Open Hours, you can set a schedule for your doors to automatically lock or unlock - perfect for Friday drinks or the 9am rush.

Time and location restrictions

Your users can now open doors with a wave of their phone — just like Apple and Android Pay. You can monitor in realtime how your locks are being used.

Safe as houses.
Safer than banks.

Thanks to our defence-level encryption, plus with optional restrictions like fingerprint recognition, Doordeck is more secure than major existing access cards.

We'll set you up. All in a snap.

Our solutions

Whether you need new access control or looking to upgrade your existing system, Doordeck has the solution for you.

Our UK-made door controller, capable of opening any electronic lock, gate, turnstile and more.

Easy to install, fully flexible and cheaper to run.


A unique software-only solution compatible with major existing access control products.

Get all the perks with just one yearly software fee.


The smartest, simplest way to share and manage lockers, all from one app, from anywhere.

Say hello to the convenience of smart Lockers.


Trusted installers

Play around with a physical lock

Just submit your email address and we'll share you our real lock.