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The features and perks of next-generation access control.

Say goodbye to keys, cards and fobs

Touch unlock with our NFC Tiles

Our new Tiles work exactly like any other access reader - just using your phone instead. To get in, all you need to do is hold your unlocked (NFC-enabled) phone up to a tile, and you're in - you don't even need to touch the app.

Because our tiles are so small, light, and completely power-free, you can put them anywhere, and we can make them to any design. Say goodbye to boring, bog-standard readers.

Widgets for quick unlock

Don't have an NFC phone? No problem - you can get in just as speedily with widgets, available on both Android and iPhone. Simply tap a key conveniently from your homescreen and it'll open in a fraction of a second.

You can even change the colour of your keys, so getting around and finding your keys is a breeze.

Share access from anywhere at anytime

No more faffing with lanyards and passes. More time for the stuff that matters.

Admin users can share keys - whether time-limited or permanent at just the touch of a button. Since all your guests need is a phone and an email address, you'll save a whole load of cost and time.

Access. Shared in seconds.

Forget having to hunt down passes and lanyards (and getting them back every time) - with Doordeck, you can instantly share and revoke access from anywhere & any device.

All you need to do is select the doors you want to share, add the user's email address(es) and our platform takes care of the rest. Onboarding has never been this quick and smooth.

So much more than just an access pass.

If you're expecting guests, our new Visitor Passes mean you can share time-limited guest access at the touch of a button.

Opening up your space for Friday drinks or morning meetings? With Open Hours, you can set a time frame for your doors to automatically unlock - configured from anywhere.

Doordeck online gives you real-time usage stats too, so you can find out more than ever before about your space.

Safe as houses. Safer than banks.

With defence-level encryption standards, we're proud to have one of the most secure access control products in the industry. No more RFID cards means no more duplication.

Plus, if you'd like even more security, we can set you up with extra features never before seen in the industry. From Touch ID fingerprint sensing (already on most phones), IP Restriction and Geofencing, the security level of your space is entirely up to you.

Plug and Play

Installing an access control system has never been this easy and cost effective.

Since Doordeck can be powered over ethernet, all you need to set up is one cable. It works with any electronic lock and is retrofittable with any existing system.

Lifetime guarantee

Doordeck stands for quality and trust. That's why we're proud to give you lifetime guarantee on all of our products. And, in the rare case something goes wrong, we'll usually come along and fix it within 24 hours.

by Cisco.

in the UK.

Big fan of Doordeck! The app is really easy to use and if you have any problem the support team is really quick and helpful. Everyone in the office comments on how fantastic it is.
Office Manager, Rainmaking Loft