Smart keyless access.
No wires necessary.

Unlike 'smart locks', Doordeck is the only platform to integrate directly with your existing door tech.

It means Doordeck can be installed in minutes, with no big upfront costs, no disruptive installations, and no downtime.

Unlock Better.

Virtual Visitor Passes

Whether you’re throwing an event or expecting a mechanic, you can issue time-limited Visitor Passes directly from the Doordeck app.

Instant Onboarding

Forget running to reception to find a new keycard. With Doordeck, all you need is an email address for effortless, one-step onboarding.

Faster Unlocking

Doordeck was the first company to embrace native NFC on iPhone, meaning unlocking is as quick & easy as Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Audit from Anywhere

Manage all of your sites from anywhere and any device, with realtime usage logs available 24/7 on the web.

Open Hours

Open Hours let you schedule your doors to unlock and relock automatically. It's ideal for busy mornings or office events.

Flexible Security

Beyond our standard encryption, you're in control and can add extra security layers like GPS Geofencing, IP Restriction & more.

Ready to go?

From one door to a thousand, we've got a plan designed perfectly for you.
Get all of the features from as little as £20 per door per month.

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Doordeck was the logical door access system for us.
The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate with all of our visitors commenting on the user experience. When we do need support the team are always available and beyond helpful. 

Sarah Martin, Cisco

Programme Manager, Mi-IDEA Manchester