Doordeck App-less Virtual Visitor Pass

When you're expecting guests, you can share time-limited  Visitor Passes right from the Doordeck App — with unlimited users as standard. Your guest doesn't even need to download the app!

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Introducing Visitor Passes

As the only access control system agnostic company in the world, we’re also extremely proud to offer our unique App-less Visitor Pass solution to Pro plans and above.

Our App-less Visitor Pass allows you to issue time-limited visitor passes to building guests. Whether you’re throwing an event or expecting a mechanic, you can invite guests to use any Doordeck connected facilities without requiring an app download - their web browser will work just as well.

Granting access

When you share a door with your visitor (all you need is their e-mail address), they will receive an invite to their e-mail address.

You can grant access remotely, from the web or from your Doordeck app. No wasting time at reception or coming into contact with plastic germ-prone keycards.

Your guest arrives

Your visitor can then either download the app for the full Doordeck experience (iPhoneAndroid), or use the web browser and camera on their smartphone to scan the QR code on the Doordeck Tile to unlock the door.

Access is granted instantaneously, no waiting around for physical keycards to be printed.

The work is complete

You can share access to any Doordeck connected door, or any Doordeck integrated facility  giving visitors temporary access to whichever area of the building required.

At the end of the visit you can manually remove the guests credentials, or, alternatively set an expiry time so access is removed automatically.

Features designed around our users.

Fewer Touches

Improve the safety of your building by reducing the amount of contact your occupants have with frequently touched surfaces.

Remote Permissioning

Provide temporary or permanent access credentials to users directly on their smartphone with no in-person setup required.

Ready for Deployment

We can get your Zero Touch Entry system online now so it’s ready for when your occupants & guests come back to work.

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