Doordeck Smart Printer Integration

Thinking of integrating your office access control system with Doordeck, but concerned about requiring plastic key cards for printer access? Don’t panic, Doordeck can integrate with office printers so all you’ll need is that smartphone in your back pocket.

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1. Getting integrated

If your office printers are already card operated, Doordeck can integrate with them too. Remove the need for those expensive plastic cards and encourage your colleagues to use their smartphones instead.

2. Printing in action

Forgot to take your key card with you to print off that report? No problem. Simply tap your phone to the NFC tile on the printer you wish to use, or scan the QR code using your phone's camera, and your print queue will be unlocked.
NFC is currently supported on iPhone 7 and up, and select Android devices.

3. Applies to guests too

Printer access can be given instantaneously via the Doordeck app by an administrator, and applied to visitors too via our App-less Visitor Pass. Guests to the building can be granted temporary access to doors and other facilities.

Features designed around our users.

Remote Permissioning

Provide temporary or permanent access credentials to users directly on their smartphone with no in-person setup required.

Fewer Touches

Improve the safety of your building by reducing the amount of contact your occupants have with frequently touched surfaces.

Audit from Anywhere

Manage all of your sites from any browser, anywhere and via any device, with realtime usage logs available 24/7 on the web.

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