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Our Doordeck tile is a small acrylic tile that can be mounted in seconds.
No wires, no batteries required.
Designed to make unlocking even easier and quicker for users.

.●  Uses inbuilt NFC and QR code to identify a door
●  Securely unlocks over Wifi, 3G, 4G or 5G
●  Requires no power, cabling or batteries
●  Credit card sized
●  Can be customised upon request with brand colourways and logos
As trusted by…

Sarah Martin

Programme Manager, Cisco

Doordeck was the logical access system for us. The UI is intuitive and easy to navigate, and when we need support the team are beyond helpful. We'd highly recommend Doordeck to any organisation.

Christil Asamoah

Manager, Rainmaking Loft

Big fan of Doordeck! The app is really easy to use and if you have any problem the support team is really quick and helpful. Everyone in the office comments on how fantastic it is.

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