The smartest way to do smartphone access control.

Unlike 'smart locks' or classic old keycards, Doordeck leverages your existing access control system to let users unlock doors from their phone.

Access control is stuck in the past…

It's pricey
Medium-sized offices often spend upward of £5k a year on replacement keycards & fobs

It ruins the guest experience
Visitors hate waiting in reception for 10 minutes whilst front of house sort keycards & lanyards

It's expensive to upgrade
Ripping out all your hardware
just to add ‘smart locks’ is
expensive and wasteful


The world's only smart access control platform designed for existing hardware

Rolled out seamlessly

Doordeck is designed to work
with your existing system, so you
can keep using your cards and fobs

No new hardware

Doordeck installs through a simple
software update, so you don’t need
to replace any readers.

Installed in ~15 minutes

Since it’s just software, Doordeck can be rolled out to an entire building in about 15 minutes. No downtime.

Unlimited users

Simply pay per door,
per month with one simple
software subscription.

Great visitor passes

Admins can share virtual, time-limited Guest Passes via the app or website

No upfront costs

No setup fees.
No install costs.

One simple price. For everyone.


per door, per month
+ Unlimited users

+ Unlimited virtual Visitor Passes

+ Free no-disruption installation

+ Automatic updates

+ New features as soon as they're released
See how that compares — prices for 10 doors…

Don't just take our word for it…

Cisco Mi-IDEA, Manchester, UK
"Doordeck was the logical system for us. The UI is intuitive and when we need support the team are beyond helpful. We'd recommend them to anyone."
Sarah Martin, Innovation Lead, Cisco
Rainmaking Loft, London, UK
"Big fan of Doordeck! The app is really easy to use and the support team is quick and helpful. Everyone in the office comments on how fantastic it is."
Christil Asamoah, Community Manager
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What if I lose or don't have my phone?

Unlike a keycard, you can login using your Doordeck credentials on any device — either via the web or app. Apple Watch users with Cellular can now also unlock doors independently of their phone. Or, if you don't have access to any of those, your building managers can still issue access passes just as before - it's not one or the other.

What if the internet goes down?

Firstly, we'll let you know as soon as we spot a major issue with your building (i.e. the building disconnecting) — it's often a sign of bigger issues or other systems failing. Because Doordeck is integrated with your existing system, provided there's still power, users can fall back to keycards just as before.

What systems do you integrate with?

Currently, Doordeck is compatible with:
Paxton Net2
Paxton 10
Axis A1001
Axis A1601
ACT Enterprise
Elelock MB2
Elelock GEMiSYS.

That said, we're always developing new integrations and may well have your access control system in the pipeline. Let us know what system you're using and we'll contact you as soon as it's available.

Does Doordeck use Bluetooth?

Nope! We found Bluetooth couldn't offer the security, speed and reliability our users needed — plus it was a huge battery drain. Instead, we offer our patent-pending 'Tiles' - which use NFC and QR codes instead.

Do I have to download the app to use Doordeck?

Whilst the app provides the best user experience, users can also unlock doors via the Doordeck web app. We're always developing new features to make the mobile web experience even better.

Is Doordeck secure?

Yes! The entire platform uses public-key cryptography - the same as you'd find in a personal banking app. It means that even if someone were to hack the network your doors are running on, they still won't be able to unlock any doors.

Can I make it even more secure?

Yes - beyond your phone's inbuilt measures (like face/fingerprint unlock), at the discretion of a building manager, Doordeck can add additional security layers like Geo-Fencing (using your phone's GPS to verify location) and IP Restriction (only allowing unlocks if you're on the building's Wi-Fi).